Identity Design

While working with various clients over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to develop logos and word marks at various stages of execution. here is a small sample.

  • Role Senior Graphic Designer

Various identities, I’ve completed over the years (2000-2010)

Market Intelligence logo studies

Associated Press is already recognized as the leading source for information around the world.

In developing the logo, I wanted to capture the “digital” feel of the new brand within the placement of the grid of dots. (Associated Press)

ConFab, HunterDouglas Contact fabric manufacturer

Vericell (logo concept)
A concept logo design for a new biotech firm who was seeking further government funding for their new cell coding technology. (Magnet Communications)

Also-Known-As brand for adoptee organization

IndiGo Venture Capital Fund identity (finalists)

IFCD (logo concept) Hand lettered building blocks in various shades of muted earth-tone, representing different races.

BBH Labs concept

Opengallery (logo concept)

At&t AdWork: Environmental branding