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BNY Mellon Tradeshow (2013)

10x10 booth graphic

Richard B. Fisher Memorial and Conference Room:

Background: In 2007 Morgan Stanley undertook a refurbishment of its Sydney offices in The Chifley Tower. It was decided that one of the new meeting rooms should be named in memory of Richard B. Fisher. A memorial wall was conceived for the room, in commemoration of his life. This concept shows a time line of Mr. Fisher’s life from 1936 to 2004 using bronze, curvilinear bars along the wall. Additional time lines run above and below his “life line” marking key events and accomplishments with short, etched descriptions. The time lines express how an individual’s life expands as they progress through life. In 2004, there is a break in the lines indicating the year of his passing, while all the other bars continue. The idea is to show a sense of loss and how his legacy continues.

Role: I developed the time line concept after research and initial sketches and scale models. The structure of the memorial was based on Mr. Fisher’s appreciation for architecture. I further developed this concept by drawing inspiration from his charitable work with, Bard College, his Alma mater. I explored the conceptual framework, and helped develop the prototype and working diagrams. I worked closely with the Design Director to flesh out the production specifications, which were then handed over to the architectural firm in Sydney Australia, to complete.

Dimensional concept study for Memorial wall.

Timeline with added graphical system indicating the passage of time.

Richard B. Fisher Memorial (fabricated wall)

Richard B. Fisher Memorial (fabricated wall)

Richard B. Fisher Memorial (fabricated wall)