Benjamin Farber

  • Art Director / Senior Graphic Designer
  • Brooklyn, NY

Creative Thinker, Visual Storyteller

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As a Senior Graphic Designer with over fifteen years of industry experience within internal creative groups and brand consultancies; my skill sets are wide ranging from concept and brand development to project management and collateral design.

My goal as a Senior Graphic Designer is to develop thoughtful solutions. I seek opportunities to persuade an audience to actively engage with their visual world. I enjoy analyzing a problem and creating solutions that satisfies the objectives of stakeholders and assist in building on a brands core values.

I truly believe that design has the ability to inform and educate, as well as captivate the imagination. I am constantly collecting images which inspire me. I have an interest in all areas of visual communications, whether it is in the photos of Lee Friedlander or the miniature worlds of Joseph Cornell. I think Tibor Kahlman was a genius. I am informed by Swiss Modernism, De Stijl, Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism. I appreciate bending but not breaking the rules.



08/91 – 06/95 Providence, RI

Studies focused on Typography, Color Theory, Exhibit Design, Visual Language, Design History.